Attacked in Romania: Momma Dog Needs our Help

I need your help right now. It’s not for me. It’s for this sweet but terribly injured momma dog you see in the photos. Her name is Rosie. She is in Romania.

Donate $35 now for Rosie.

We have a deadline, October 31st – just days away.

I know how much you care about animals. Rosie needs you. So do the people who saved her. The heroes at Dog Rescue Romania are giving her every ounce of their love, care and time.

Romania is a terrible place for dogs and cats. Abuse is everywhere and it happens every day. Dog Rescue Romania doesn’t get any help from the government, and even before COVID-19, they struggled every month to stay open. With no idea where the money will come from, they continue to make all the difference in the world to animals like Rosie.

You can’t imagine the way Rosie has suffered. Someone brutally sliced her pregnant belly. Her wound covered most of her stomach and was badly infected. Rosie went into labor shortly after being found. Her caretakers didn’t think she would make it.

Incredibly, she survived. Now, Rosie and her five new pups are being given every chance to heal, to live and to be loved.

Rosie’s wound is so terrible, she won’t be able to nurse her babies. They need 24-hour care and bottle feedings.

The kind and caring people at Dog Rescue Romania are counting on your generosity.

Please give $35 for Rosie.

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