Australia is not even monitoring threatened species

Australia Is Home to as Much as One Tenth of the World’s Biodiversity, but Its Government Isn’t Monitoring Species That Are Threatened With Extinction!

We are currently living through a sixth mass extinction event – a massive, permanent loss of animal life. And this one is caused directly by humans. A recent UN report suggested that as many as 1 million species are threatened with extinction. Despite the urgency of this crisis, Australia — home to somewhere between 7-10% of all biodiversity in the world — does not even monitor most species, habitats, or threats within its borders, according to a new report from the auditor general.

Sign now to demand that the Australian government start monitoring threatened species so we don’t lose them forever!

Australia is home to an amazing array of plants and animals, from iconic kangaroos to cuddly koalas and even Tasmanian devils. Because the country is surrounded by water, the majority of Australian plants and animals evolved in extreme isolation, making it a biodiversity hotspot. In fact, more than 80% of Australian plants, mammals, reptiles and frogs are unique to the country and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The lives of millions of animals are at risk if we do not act.

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