Baby kangaroos are decapitated or bludgeoned to death to make these shoes

Kangaroos are ripped from the wild, stolen from their families and lush homes. The Australian government dictates that kangaroo hunting must be done with a firearm, which is cruel enough — but when it comes to the most vulnerable, like babies or adult kangaroos that are already wounded, the cruelty is amplified. These poor animals have their heads severed from their bodies, or they are painfully bludgeoned to death. The officially stated reason for this heinous method is to “destroy the brain.” Why all this brutality? So that these poor kangaroos can be made into shoes.

California, a U.S. state known for leading the way in animal welfare policy, was ahead of its time when it banned the sale of products made from kangaroo skin all the way back in 1971. But in 2020, an investigation discovered that Nike and Puma have both been selling kangaroo leather products in California despite the fact that it is illegal, not to mention cruel. Sign the petition today if you want Nike and Puma to stop selling kangaroo leather products in the state, and commit to phasing out the use of kangaroo leather company-wide!


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