Back To Work ….

Well that’s the end of another very hot (is getting more humid every year) summer break for Sands and I. We did pretty well ‘switching off’: we saved one Galgo off the streets here in Almerimar who is now in rehab with 112 Carlota Galgos, found one very small (and cute) kitten on the beach (who is called Sophie and has taken over our Facebook Page), and had to collect Carlos the cat being adopted by a tourist who we are looking after and will transport to the UK to his new owner on September 4th.

Pretty much all we have done is walk the dogs on the Nature Reserve or Beach first thing in the morning i.e. 7am, having let the cats up on the roof at 6am, sat around all day trying to stay cool, then walked the dogs briefly again in the evening.

I have managed a few short runs in the morning with the dogs, but haven’t been out on the bikes at all, so am not exactly fit at the moment!

Will be working on that for the rest of the year!

For now though it is ‘back to work’: for Sands that means a lot of work improving the rehoming processes and getting ready for 2016 when she needs to spend more time in the UK so has less time to spend on preparing and processing the cats, and for me that means 4 more transports this year. We have tinkered a little with the Password Protected Transport Pages to group the information better, but peoples refusal to read the information but still ask for the questions that are all answered on the page remains our biggest source of frustration, and continues to result in us not being able to transport animals as people are just not preparing them correctly.

It would be easier to make the horse drink at the trough than it is to get people to read it seems!!!!

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