Barney’s Open Day

Our next Fundraising Event is an Open Day to be held at Violet & Terry’s, Canada del Trigo on 14th September, commencing at 12 noon.

We are looking for volunteers to help set in the morning, to help with the service of food, clearing away etc. and of course tidying away the end of the event.

We will also be holding an Auction of goods and furniture (which we are planning to “upcycle”) so if you have anything please let us know, We could also do with a few volunteers to help Alan & Paulene with the upcycling of the furniture prior to the event.

If you know of anyone that may like a stall, please ask them to contact us or Paulene direct on 617 916 345.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are available to help and if you have any items for the Auction.

Look forward to seeing you on the day, keep your eyes open for the posters that will soon be springing up in your local area with more details and of course I will be sending you reminders before the event!

So for now …..put a note on your calendar for 14th September.

Kind Regards


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