Beautiful Lutz Kitten

Beautiful Lutz

Lutz is a beautiful, tame siamese-mix kitten, now about 5 months old.

He and his brothers Chivers and Luki, and sister Mimi were some of our June rescue kittens, and until recently he was fostered by Jean and George.

I am hoping these new photos will show how lovely he is and help to find him a great home in Germany very soon. We had hoped that he would be off on the transport this week, but his home fell through at the last minute. I find it hard to believe though that someone else won’t fall in love with him soon. In the meantime he has plenty of friends to play with at Nicola and Erika’s and is being very well looked after.


Beautiful Lutz


Beautiful Lutz


Beautiful Lutz


Beautiful Lutz


Beautiful Lutz

This final photo I have published before, but it is great to look back on cute baby Lutz as he was when Jean and George first rescued him!


Cute Baby Lutz


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