Bees rely on weedy yards to survive.

Towns in This State Are Doing the Sweetest Thing to Save the Bees. Pledge to Participate in No Mow May!

What if you had a way to help save your local bee populations and do less work at the same time? Meet No Mow May: the amazing campaign that started in the town of Appleton, Wisconsin and is now sweeping the nation! Conversations about climate change and wildlife extinction can be daunting and paralyzing, but projects like No Mow May can help us all have a real impact. Grass lawns, such as those surrounding residential homes, are devastating to the planet: they use massive amounts of water, occupy vital space, and usually involve mowing down — i.e. destroying — native plants and weeds that help sustain bees and other pollinators.

That’s where No Mow May comes in! It started in one Wisconsin community when residents decided not to mow their yards, thereby allowing weeds to flower and create a feast for precious bees. And right now, bees really need our help. Bee populations have faced epic declines over the past decades because of human-caused habitat loss, pesticide use, and a warming climate. In fact, nearly one in four native bee species is at increasing risk of extinction!

Researchers found that unmowed lawns boasted five times the number of bees and three times the number of bee species, compared with nearby parks that had been mowed. That’s an incredible boon for these much-needed pollinators! What is especially wonderful about this environmental action is that it actually requires less work, not more. If you are a homeowner, simply choose to keep your mower stored away for the month of May, and know that you are playing a vital role in helping bee populations survive and thrive. Sign the petition to pledge that you will help protect bees by not mowing your lawn in the month of May!

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