Bella Cat’s Luck Has Changed

23/07/12: An update on Bella is long overdue. She has been in her ‘trial’ home for about 3 months now, and after some initial problems, everything seems to be fine. Her new family loved her from the start and understood her sweet nature, but were worried that Bella was stressed by their children, as she took was taking a long time to completely settle into her new home. Some weeks after her arrival they were thinking it would be better to find her another home. It HAS taken time but now her Mum is very pleased with the progress she has been made, and today has sent new photos of a very relaxed, settled looking Bella. All is going SO well now that they will sign her adoption contract on Thursday. This is really great news!!!

22/04/12: Bella until recently has been a bit of a ‘forgotten’ cat, having spent almost a year at the PAWs cattery. This is largely the fault of the English lady who first asked PAWs to rescue her, agreed to sponsor her, and was very clear that, although she was going back to live in the UK, she would be back to collect Bella once things were settled. None of this has happened and apart from a few days with another English lady, before she escaped, Bella has been penned all this time. When she was at the vet in May 2011 to be spayed, a lump was noticed, which turned out to be a bullet! Bella overall has had a pretty tough time.

On the good side, the ladies at PAWs have become very fond of her, and during her time with them this rather nervous little girl has learned to love strokes and rolls over for tummy rubs. She remains a quiet cat however and doesn’t join in much with the others in the big garden pen where she now is. She is long overdue more space and a proper home of her own.

I was aware of Bella but until recently was told she had a home. I met her again a few weeks ago, and once the decision was made to re-home her, things have moved very fast. She already has a foster home waiting for her, but the latest news is that she may have an adoptant. This lovely family really want a black and white female cat and have already tried to adopt an older one from us. Daisy didn’t settle in their home but this may be a great chance for Bella. I am hoping she can be settled at last, but what I do know is that her cattery days are finally over and she will be off to Germany on the 27.04 transport to start a new life. Well done to Tracy in particular, and the other girls at PAWs who have helped Bella get this far.

Bella At The PAWs Cattery

Bella At The PAWs Cattery
Bella At The PAWs Cattery
Bella At The PAWs Cattery
Bella At The PAWs Cattery

Bella At The PAWs Cattery


2 thoughts on “Bella Cat’s Luck Has Changed

  1. Pauline Wright

    Wow wonderful news.Bella is a lovely girl and has not been any trouble to us.So glad she will be off to germany for a new life.Paulinex

  2. pauline wright

    Brilliant news, yes I suppose it would take time to settle with children.Bella was alays mature for her age.So glad she has now got her permanent home.Thank you.

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