09/02/14: Meet Bella, a little dreamboat of a cat. This sweet, playful, affectionate lady is 7-8 months old and will be ready for re-homing in Germany at the end of March. She is just gorgeous and has settled quickly into her temporary foster home. She is very affectionate with people, loving cuddles and giving kisses, happy to socialise with older cat Capone, happy to play and also happy to relax on a comfortable chair. She not so impressed with friendly dog Rufus, but is actually not afraid of him, so would probably be fine later in a home with a cat loving dog. Here we have a very healthy, easy pretty little female, who I think will have her forever home very fast. She was found near a local beach, and may be a lost cat, but as she was very hungry and quite distressed, it seems she was alone for a few days before a kind lady picked her up. She has no chip, and is probably another case of a curious cat who has wondered too far.

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