Bono On His Way!

Bono With His New Mum

Today Bono has set off for Switzerland with his new Mum, Sabine, and her partner, Thomas. We are sad to see him go, and Pam, John, and Rufus dog will all miss him (not so sure about Pam¡s cats!). We are however happy that we have found him the best possible home.

For anyone who hasn’t read about Bono before on this blog, he is our biggest save ever. We rescued him at the beginning of January, only to find that he was unable to open his mouth to eat! 6 weeks of syringe feeding followed before he could finally eat on his own. Now he manages slowly very soft mousse and mushy tuna and rice. We hope he will improve further as he grows, but Sabine accepts him and loves him as he is.

Please click on the tag cloud ‘Bono’ if you want to see all the videos, posts and pictures of this little chap’s progress.

I’m convinced that Sabine and Thomas will give Bono a brilliant home. They have just flown from Zurich to collect him, have an 11 month old female kitten, Desdemona, waiting to be his friend, and ,being both medical people, will do everything possible to help his little mouth improve further.

Enjoy the photos, and thanks to Pam and John for giving him such a loving home for the last 10 weeks, and for Mary’s help with all those smoothie feeds!

Bono With Sabine

Bono With Sabine

Farewell Breakfast

Farewell Breakfast

Favourite Compfy Place

Bono With Mummy Pam

Bono With Mummy Pam

All Ready To go

Beautiful Desdemona

How Can Bono Not Love Her?

Happy Life Bono (now Jonathan) from all of us here in Almerimar!


5 thoughts on “Bono On His Way!

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  2. Chris

    Brilliant!!! Was good to meet them and see how besotted with Bono (will always be his name to me) they are already. He is such a lovely cat that he deserves the best.

    Well done to you all!!!!

  3. Pam Roberts

    I shed a few tears this morning when he finally left Almerimar for good.John and I fell in love with him and were so sad to see him on his way.I know that he has gone to a good home in Switzerland but our flat seems so quiet and empty without him already.Capone was waving a flag as he went because he just didnt understand that Bono only wanted to play
    now its back to the quiet life for the three of them and Rufus my dog gets to sleep in his bed on his own!! Bye bye Bono and safe journey.

  4. Mary

    Bono is one sweet kitten and will settle in well in his new home I am sure. Pam however is not going to know what to do with herself so we maybe need to find her a new buddy???? (Or book her a ticket to Zurich)

  5. Sands Post author

    New foster kids always available. I’ve already suggested Monster Mog. Only kidding on that one …. Capone would definitely not like him!

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