Bono Update

This morning we took little Bono back to the vet for more injections. Even Begona thinks there is an improvement in his poor little locked mouth. He is still on daily antibiotic and anti-inflammatory injections, for a suspected infection in his jaw muscles or nerves. We are having to be very patient and in the meantime continue to feed him liquids by syringe.

The good news is that Tetanus is definitely ruled out as all his other muscles seem fine and he is active and healthy. Begona also thinks we have more time to sort this as we are getting plenty of food into him and she thinks he is stronger than on Thursday morning when we first took him in.

The funny news is that Begona now also thinks he may not be quite so sweet natured as we had
all thought originally. He is definitely a strong character and did NOT want his injections, fighting hard and making a lot of noise. She thinks that once he can actually open his mouth more she will have to beware his sharp little teeth, BUT to us he is still a little sweetheart!

Enjoy the latest video; he certainly loves his food. AND please keep everything crossed for his continued recovery.

10 thoughts on “Bono Update

  1. Chris

    You and Pam need to remember that it records the audio as well. Good to hear that Pam thinks he is improving as well …..

  2. Sands Post author

    Problem is we women just can’t stop talking!

  3. Pam Roberts

    Not so sure about him tonight as he seems quite hot and rather listless, given him plain water just now and he wasnt that desperate for it – be interested to hear what Begonia has to say about him tomorrow as his mouth doesnt seem to be opening very much more and it is quite difficult for me to get the liquid food down him – more on me and the paper towels than going down the hatch.Keeping my fingers crossed as we have all tried really hard to get him sorted.

  4. Sands Post author

    OK Bono seems much better today in himself but we still await more improvement to his poor little mouth. I took him to the vet yesterday morning and today he starts cortisone treatment. Begona our vet is still optimistic for his recovery but thinks if he has a serious inflammation it may take several weeks. In the meantime she is happy so far that we are getting enough food into him, and I have brought back lots of supplies from Gisela at the cat rescue including baby food which he seems to like. We will know more in 5 days when he goes back to the vet for another check. Here’s still hoping.

  5. Pam Roberts

    Mary is the star today she managed to get about 30 syringes full of babyfood down Bono, I was not very successfull at all apart from with the babykitten milk, more of the food was coming out than going in and what worries me is that he doesnt put his tongue out to get the excess from around his mouth.We will keep trying as he is getting to be a feisty little thing and when I open the computer room door he thinks ‘food’ immediately and jumps onto the chair.He has plenty of energy and still purrs and purrs so seems happy enough.I may let him out on the balconey to have an explore tomorrow if it is warm enough – making sure that my menagerie are all inside.

  6. Chris

    Wow, just heard that Pam is talking about putting the little chap down!!! Her decision of course, but would expect all the vet bills to be reimbursed and that in the future she had nothing more to do with Almerimar Strays.

    Tough it may be, but you only need people who start things that they are prepared to see through to the end.

    You can’t take a cat off the streets, give it hope, then give up because it bacame too much hassle! They are NOT the people you want to be involved with!

  7. Pam Roberts

    Some positive news re Bono (prefer Gremlin) after Sandra fed him this afternoon we put him on top of a rug on John’s knee and he proceeded to wash himself – his little tongue came out and he even managed to wash behind his ears – we gave him a good brushing and cut off some tangles,and he washed himself for about 10 minutes – the first time I have seen him do this.He still cannot open the front of his mouth.However, I have asked a sailing friend who is a plastic surgeon (accidents and deformities not a cosmetic type surgeon) to see what he thinks of the problem with his mouth and we are taking him back to Begonia on Monday evening for an assessment.He is gaining a little weioght so the food Sandra is mixing up for him seems to be very nutritious.Fingers and paws crossed.

  8. Sands Post author

    Great news. Here’s hoping it is a good sign. I certainly have everything crossed. It would be SO good to have a happy ending after all our (Pam’s especially) hard work.

    Begona has suggested trying a manipulation under anaesthetic. It will be interesting to hear what the people surgeon thinks before we go back to to Begona our vet.

    More food will be duly prepared in the morning. Soaking his biscuits for about 4 hours makes them nice and soggy to be liquidised which is working well to increase the bulk in his smoothies!

  9. Sands Post author

    Just realised that we normally leave him on his own after we have fed him SO maybe he HAS been trying to clean himself before.

  10. Chris

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    Mad as it may seem, if it is at all possible to integrate him a little of the time to see what other cats do he may start to use his mouth more, especuially if is a psychological reason or anything. I know that sounds mad, but he may just have forgotten, or been traumatised and frozen up …..

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