30/11/12: Boris is a real character cat. I met him outside Montse’s house where he now lives. She rescued him, badly injured, about 2 years ago, but Boris was very unhappy in her house, because of the large number of youngsters there! Boris is a mature cat of now about 12 years, and he prefers the peace of the little garden outside, to the riot of kittens inside. He is however also a lovely, sweet, friendly boy, who I think would be VERY happy in a quiet home with a sunny balcony. Boris has a lot of love to give to the right family and I am sure at some point in the past he must have had a home. Montse thinks his injuries were caused by a dog, who bit him badly on one ear and at the same time blinded him in one eye. I think he is still very handsome and will scrub up nicely. He has completely stolen my heart, and if I didn’t already have 4 male cats, he would be mine! Here’s hoping someone in Germany feels the same way quickly.

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