Britta Is Very Fine!

This is the latest from her foster Mum:
“Yesterday I had a nice evening with her. Hannibal and Nelly (cats) were out and only my eldest, Charley, was asleep in the living room. So I let Britta from her room.

It is still skeptical about Charley, but now he treats her as if it were air, it falls to him no more screaming, but contents himself with a hiss, if he happens to look in her direction.

He even took place yesterday in front of her belly, lolled on the floor without being interested in her to hiss. Last night, now she came into the living room and has snuggled up to me on the sofa. At first she watched Charley still suspicious but when I started to comb her, she settled and shut her eyes and in the end it was elongated gaaaaanz there and slept soundly. What a treasure!”

Excuse my google translator from German. It is not perfect, but it is enough to understand that Britta if very well and being looked after by a kind lady in a cat loving home.

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