Brodie The Russian Blue Kitten

13/02/11:Today is a lucky day for little Brodie. He already has an adoptant. Within 2 hours of his photos going up, 2 families were interested in him.

We have chosen what we think will be a great home for him:
“Brodie will have a family with 2 male cats… 1 of 5 years, the other 13 years… bough are very playful… in a quiet home… people have an age of 51 and 58 years and are almost all the day at home… the child studys… they have enough knowledge of nervouse cats because the man has enough time to make them tame… house of 100 sqm with 4 rooms and a garden of 1361 sqm…”

Later it may be nice if Brodie had a younger friend to play with, but for now this sounds perfect. The important thing is that he has loving patient parents who will give him time to get used to people. I am happy this has happened so quickly and he can settle early into his permanent home.

11/02/11:This is Brodie a little Russian Blue (mix) kitten, just trapped in a garden in Almerimar. I had been feeding him for a few weeks, and trying to tempt him into a cat-box. He was very thin and hunched up when I first saw him, but has been eating well and filling out a little. The jury is still out as to whether Brodie is a feral kitten or an abandoned one. I have come across a lot of Siam-mix and Russian Blue mix stray kittens in the Mojacar area, but Brodie is the first of his type to be rescued here in Almerimar, which does lead us to think he may be dumped.

He is now up in Sorbas, where Matt will look after him well, and help to socialise this nervous little boy until a permanent home is found for him. I have a feeling it won’t be too long!!!

Little Brodie Kitten

Little Brodie Kitten

Little Brodie Kitten

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