02/06/13: Bugsy is STILL waiting for a family, and he is so so cute in his latest photos. Enjoy them below!
22/04/13: Bugsy has now been in Germany for over 2 months and amazingly he is still waiting for his forever home. Maybe you need to meet this little character to really love him. Here’s hoping it won’t be too much longer before he is permanently settled, but in the meantime life he is looking very relaxed in his foster home.
04/02/13: Bugsy is a sporty, playful boy and very different from the sick little kitten that a kind Spanish couple rescued from the engine of a car in Almeria. They originally planned to foster him, but after some weeks discovered that Bugsy had fungus, which they were not able to live with! Bugsy therefore came to a cage at Pam’s where for 4 weeks we treated him, until vet Miguel gave the ok for Bugsy to mix with other cats.
Since then he has grown a lot and is full of energy and play. He is now almost terrorising poor Suki, Tuschka and Pam’s older cats because he is a real fighting boy and too strong for them. This lovely little man is therefore off to Germany on this weekend’s transport. He will first go to a large foster home where there are lots of other young cats for him to play with, but I think this little character with soon have his own family. He is very sweet and has no aggression. He just needs the right energetic friend who wants to run and play and fight as much as he does.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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