Bullfighting must end. Now.

They Force Animals Through the “Corridor of Death.” Ban Bullfighting Events in Spain!

Spaniards are not staying quiet about the horrors of bullfighting and similar events in their country. This weekend, fight enthusiasts celebrated the annual Running of the Bulls event in Pamplona, Spain — but animal lovers are working hard to remind everyone about the cruelties involved. Running with the bulls is not a simple, innocent activity like the name might suggest. While it starts with crowds frightening tormented animals, screaming and getting too close for comfort, it ends even worse. The bulls don’t just get to simply run wild. Instead, organizers strategically arranged a path that dead ends — literally — in the Pamplona bullfighting ring.

Once in the ring, the animals become sport during bullfights at the annual festival. During those fights, each one meets their violent, bloody deaths. Spaniards are increasingly turning away from such brutality, with disapproval rates growing fast. The people who largely prop up these horrific events are actually international tourists! Spanish lawmakers should listen to the people, not naive visitors who don’t understand the cruelty involved. Lawmakers in Spain must listen to the growing chorus of constituents who oppose bullfighting! Sign the petition to demand they ban these blood sports entirely!

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