Busy Tuesday

Yesterday was another busy day for me with Almerimar Strays. You will see from my previous post that Pam and I spent the morning rescuing a dog for a change, as well as picking up cat boxes for this weekend from Gisela’s cat rescue.

I was then at our vet in the afternoon, taking Phoebe and Korky, with Dawn, for their final injections so that they are ready to travel to Germany, and picking up their passports.

My Almerimar Strays day finished in the evening with a lot of emails from Germany while we try to finalise travl plans for this weekend. Things still remain confused at the moment, because, as well as our usual van transport with Jos, a flight partner is involved, and one that I have not booked, so I am still trying to get final details, to confirm that it is an option for Phoebe and Korky.

The girls in Germany are struggling to sort out logistics for about 15 cats at the moment I think, and not all from Spain. Foster homes need to be finalised in Germany, and how the cats are going to get to them. Phoebe and Korky have been ‘bumped off’ the transport on Saturday, because their places are needed for cats being collected to go to Switzerland; yesterday I thought I had secured extra room, but our 2 now actually need to get to Munich, where their foster home has been set up.

This is all getting a little stressful all round and complicated. Communication is not helped by the 3 Germany girls being in different cities, and trying to all communicate with me (English) and Alondra from a cat rescue in Almeria, who is Spanish! Help!!!

Almerimar Strays coffee is understandably not an option for me today.

1 thought on “Busy Tuesday

  1. Chris

    Suggest you all try and use the blog a lot more to communicate, that way everybody can see who has said what and when. Avoid duplication and avoid crossed wires.

    Get the Germans to communicate on it as well rather than email. Am sure people will find it helps 🙂

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