Caesar & Tiger Kittens


Sweet Little Tiger

Having just put up a photo of Tiger’s gorgeous, angelic, white brother Caesar, I thought I’d better post the rest of the pictures of these lovely, little brothers!!!


Playful Little Tiger

Along with their Coyota sisters and little Xabi, the only child kitten from Calle Alcor, they are being looked after brilliantly by foster Mum Nicola, and all are healthy, happy, playful and loving little things. In case you were wondering Tiger got his name because he does actually have very faint grey stripes! Very few black cats are completely black it seems. This grey is funny, because Caesar is completely white apart from the little grey patch on his head. Genetics is a wonderful thing!!!

Enjoy the rest of the photos and look out for the Coyota girls tomorrow!


Angelic Caesar


Angelic Caesar


Angelic Caesar


Sweet Little Tiger


Sweet Little Tiger


Sweet Little Tiger


Angelic Caesar

AND these are some slightly earlier photos:


Caesar & Tiger




Caesar & Tiger


A Little Angel

5 thoughts on “Caesar & Tiger Kittens

  1. Chris

    Damn they are cute!!! How can people be such total tossers!!!

  2. Sands Post author

    Complete tossers, particularly with the kittens as all they need to do is sterilise their cats. this litter were definitely too tame to be feral.

  3. Niseema

    From the firs moment I saw and loved them.
    Hopfully they will be soon with us.

  4. Sands Post author

    They are gorgeous, and we hope to send them to you very soon

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