Calais Shuttle

This service is designed to assist transporters coming from the EU into the UK wanting to transport more than twenty (20) animals on the Shuttle.

We will meet an existing Pet Transport in Calais in a DEFRA Certified Vehicle, with the drivers holding Type 2 Transporter Licenses, and bring up to twenty (20) cats and/or dogs into the UK, where we will deliver them to one location where they will be handed back to the original pet transporter for delivery to new owners.

IF you want us to help with the delivery ‘to the door’ in the UK then you will need to add our UK Shuttle Service to your booking.

You will be responsible for the paperwork i.e. if the animals are being transported on the TRACES Scheme you will need to organise the TRACES Certificates for the animals we are collecting from you have both pet transporters details on:

Strongly suggest you read this post as to the need to put both both transporters details on the Heath Certificate (TRACES).

If on the PETS Scheme you will need to provide us with a signed Declaration of Owner, and any issues with the passports at pet passport will be your responsibility as obviously we will not be able to check them.


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