Calle Alcor Update

Fed the strays on Calle Alcor as usual this afternoon, and left a little worried about Mimi and her kittens. She was there looking healthy and tucked into the meat and special biscuits I took her so all seemed well. She then however seemed to get disturbed by something as she was about to go through the gate into the normally empty house, where we think she may have the kittens.

As I drove past there was a cocker spaniel in the garden, which may or may not be a problem for her. We await sightings of the kittens over the next few weeks. Here’s hoping all will turn out fine.

Meanwhile Monty siamese turned up late so missed the meat course, Mookie from across the road came to say hello as usual, and I was pleased to see Monster Mog or Caesar as I decided to call him a few weeks ago.

He is a rather lovely, browny tabby Tomcat who is known for being a bit of a bully to poor Monty … hence the nickname. He is however very tame with people, and looking increasingly thin and forlorn, leading us to believe that he has now definitely been abandoned. I am hoping to meet up with a lady in the next couple of days who may agree to foster him for us.

1 thought on “Calle Alcor Update

  1. Chris

    Am sure Mimi and family will be fine, she is a experienced campaigner now!

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