Carla & Babies

Carla was rescued by us at the end of March with her 4 new-born puppies, having spent we think about 2 years on the streets.

After only about 10 days up at the dog rescue this little family was able to travel to Germany on April 10th to a lovely German lady Cornelia, where all are healthy and well.

Cornelia is actually a friend of one of the girls in Germany, Martina, who helps me to find homes for our stray cats. It was great that she was able to find Carla’s foster home for me, and also great that I get regular updates on their progress, which doesn’t normally happen when we occasionally rescue dogs.

Martina went to visit them on Saturday and sent me this news:

“hi sandra, greetings from carla ! I visited her today ! she is still “angry.,..but: who would be not ? strange people, strange language….babys…I think she can be angry…all good mums would be ! but cornelia she already allowed to touch the babys ! one is a bit small, but healthy and one is almost fat…;o) 4 kids in 4 sizes…;o) all are cute, and have the eyes open since yesterday !!! ;o)
i did not take new photos, i did not want to give her extra stress…but cornelia promised to take new ones soon…i took the little family some food, but at the moment carla eats cat food, because we have to searrch for dog food in very small pieces…because carla has such a small mouth…:o) all is fine, mama makes a good job and the babies are well !!”

Isn’t that fantastic? Actually Carla IS a nervous little dog which is why it took several attempts to rescue her, AND she nips! I am hoping that with love and patience she will learn to trust people more and herself find a good home, as Miguel our vet here thought she was about 5 years old. Meanwhile the puppies are getting used to being stroked from the beginning, and I am so happy that all are healthy and well.

This photo came through from Cornelia a few days ago, and if you compare it to my first one via the link above, you can see how much the puppies have grown.

Carla & Puppies

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