30/07/12: Caspi, now to be called Mickey, is doing amazingly well, AND already has his forever home, as Kim who rescued him will adopt him and give him a home with her 2 lovely cats in England. Until then he will stay with us and continue to ‘make friends’ with my cats, particularly Dusky my 1 year old boy, who has started to think Caspi is at times quite interesting. Considering he was tottering and weak when he first came to me, our little man is now very strong. In the last 2 days he can almost bound up the stairs to the roof, and he is rushing around, jumping onto the sofa and bed, and climbing anything to hand, including my legs which can be painful!

For the last week he has been eating wet food and some biscuits, and has decided he is too grown up for bottle feeds. I am still at times mixing formula into his food to create ‘power’ feeds which may be the reason for his strength!!!
All is very well in little Caspi/Micky’s world. We did weaken and let him sleep on the bed for a couple of nights, but Saidi was not overly impressed, and on the second night I had to go searching at 3am because he had gone off exploring! Now he stays in my ensuite at night and when I go out, to give my cats a break and to ensure he is safe. I have the feeling however that if he had any problem I would know as he has a very loud voice and learned very quickly how to call his servants! He loves my cats and is becoming more independent each day, but he knows who looks after him, and seems a very bright strong little character. I am happy that he has a home as Chris and I are already becoming very fond of him, but 5 cats for us is enough. Enjoy his latest photos! More news soon.

18/07/12: Little boy is doing SO well. Last night I skipped the 4am milk feed and left him some kitten wet food which he had eaten when I checked him at 6am. He is also squeaking when he wants the toilet so at about 3 weeks is almost litter trained. He actually used the one up by my roof on his own! Amazing. This morning he tried Oscar’s big boy biscuits but I stopped him because they were too big for his throat. I will buy him some BabyCat.

17/07/12: Time to meet my baby foster cat Casper. He is just gorgeous. He was spotted by a kind English lady when she visited a local market in Torrevieja. The poor little boy was tied to a bar, and appeared to have been abandoned there. He would not have survived long had Kim not taken him home with her. By chance her friend Diane was visiting for the weekend and was able to bring him back to me, which was very fortunate as Kim herself was only on holiday in Spain for a few days.

I think casper is about 3 weeks old. I am feeding him every few hours with formula, but he can eat soft wet food and was also trying to eat kitten biscuits. Everything is working well, he is exploring and I hope strengthening his little legs, and he has nose tapped my big boys, who are fascinated but not sure how to play with this tiny little cat. Saidi and Fleur are much less impressed by our visitor and seem to have no mothering instincts towards him. For now Casper has me and Chris to look after him, but I know he must only be a foster kitten, as 5 cats is enough in our apartment. I am actually hoping that someone in Germany falls in love with him quickly so that I KNOW he is not going to be my cat. Casper will be an October transport kitten.

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  1. Carmen

    Oh…. what a cute little boy!! Lovely pictures!!!

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