We can only accept two sizes of cat box because we have a set configuration in the van for cat boxes to maximise the amount we can transport, so it is REALLY important that you adhere to these sizes and check before booking a Large Cat Box as we have limited spaces on each transport for Large Cat Boxes.

We can only accept ‘good quality’ Cat Boxes like the ones below because experience proves that these are by far the safest boxes for the cats and cheap ones that are cracked, don’t fasten properly etc are too risky and we simply wont transport a cat in them.

You MUST provide a well secured (cable tie) water container for your cat along the lines of the example below. Cutting the bottom off a plastic water bottle will not be accepted as they always break which means your cat gets wet and they can go long periods without water.


  • 57cm x 38cm x 36cm

* if you want to purchase one from us the cost, including the water dish is 40€


  • 50cm x 32cm x 32cm

* if you want to purchase one from us the cost, including the water dish is 30€

Please email Chris if you want to purchase a Cat Box including the date of the transport (as we need two weeks notice to ensure we can get them) and where you will collect it (bearing in mind under no circumstances will we allow the transfer of a cat into a box at a Pick Up Location* i.e. the cat must be brought to the pick up location in its box)

Recommended Style of Cat Box **




* IF we are collecting from your home in the UK we can arrive with the Cat Box if purchased from us.
** The actual cat box we provide may vary depending on supplier used BUT the quality and specifications will be the same.

Recommeneded Water Dish

Water Bowl

Secure Water Dish

Please secure with two cable ties as shown as the water dish is pretty much the only source of entertainment for the cats and they are more than likely to pull off a poorly secured one which means they a) get little water and b) they get wet!

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