Cats are being strung up and skinned

Friday 31st July is my birthday. It is also the deadline to help prevent these cats from being skinned alive! If you want to make my day please donate whatever you can.

Cats just like those we share our lives with are enduring a living nightmare. Workers bash them on the head or hang them, slit their throats, and strip their fur off so that it can be turned into a gaudy trinket or trim on someone’s coat. We must stop this violence – and we need your help.

Give to PETA’s “Save Our Skins” challenge today and help us work to stop the abuse of animals for clothing.

We must reach our £100,000 goal by midnight on Friday. Please, don’t turn away from the cats, dogs, and other animals who so desperately need our help. Give now.

A cat in China – much like a sweet, social feline you may know – is peacefully sunning herself on a doorstep when a stranger grabs her by the scruff of the neck.

She freezes, terrified, then tries to escape – but the stranger’s grip is too tight. She’s shoved into a cramped wire cage in the back of a van, packed in so tightly with other abducted cats that she can hardly move.

The van eventually stops at a crowded, noisy market, and the cages are dropped to the ground. The cats wail in pain and fear – but workers keep throwing and kicking the cages.

Soon, she’s roughly yanked out. Her horrifying ordeal ends with a blow to the head and a knife to the throat before she’s strung up and skinned for her fur.

No sentient being should ever experience such horrors. Your special gift to PETA’s “Save Our Skins” challenge is a powerful way to protect animals from the cruel practices of the skins trade and will help bring us closer to our campaign goal of raising £100,000 by 31 July.

Even with recent legislative changes in China that may ultimately reduce their suffering, cats are still being sold and killed at live-animal markets – grisly places not unlike the one where the novel coronavirus reportedly originated.

Yet the tremendous suffering of animals isn’t enough to stop companies from trying to profit from the sale of their skin – often by killing them as cheaply and quickly as possible. It’s not uncommon for workers to kill them by hanging, strangling, or bludgeoning them – and some will even still show signs of life as their skin or fur is torn off.

Trinkets and coat trim made from cat and dog fur may be sold at markets in China, but that’s not the only place they’re found. Some accessories sold in other countries may be mislabelled, duping unsuspecting consumers – so if you know anyone who still wears fur, it’s possible that they’re wearing the remains of an abused cat.

By giving to PETA during the “Save Our Skins” challenge, you’ll help us keep working to expose and stop horrifying cruelty in the skins trade.

The only way to prevent animals from suffering is to persuade consumers and designers to stop buying materials and products made from their body parts – so PETA and our affiliates are doing just that. No other organisation has done more to encourage big names in fashion to ditch fur, been a stronger advocate for laws to ban fur farms and fur sales, or inspired more consumers to choose clothing that no cat, dog, sheep, or other animal suffered for.

We know what’s happening. We know where it’s happening. We know how to stop it. We just need your support.

Will you make a gift to PETA’s “Save Our Skins” challenge right now to help us work to protect cats and other animals?

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