Cats In The Port

Thank you to Pam Roberts for these 2 comments that she sent me recently:

I have just done my early morning ‘walk the dog’ and then gone on to feed 3 colonies of stray cats. At the moment there are two lovely all grey kittens and one pure white one – plus an assortment of ther cats behind the Club Nautico – all very hungry and in very good condition, then there are the 3 cats by Alldays – they have been spayed/castrated and seem very happy with their life – Momo – a cat minus tail and a smokey siamese cat have been there for years, then there is the colony on the rocks behind the Varadero – again all healthy and in good condition.We are hoping to catch them over the next few months and have them spayed/castrated to stop the colonies growing.

I wish all people in the Port would put food out for them during the winter months as they get very old and wet and would eat all your scraps – please don’t throw food out – give it to the cats. Most mportant thing is – could you give one a home or possibly foster for about 6 weeks so that we can get them on their way to new homes in Germany.?? Contact can be made through this site.
Pam Roberts

Olli’s story makes all the hard work and heartache worthwhile and spurs me on these cold mornings at 8 am hen I am doing the rounds to feed all the hungry cats who are always sitting waiting for me. Please don’t throw your food scraps away give them to the stray cats – especially the colony on the rocks behind the Varadero – where there are 7 female cats, 1 absolutely huge ginger tom and a big black tom – all are desperate for affection and food. Our aim is to collect sufficient money to get the females spayed as soon as possible.The 2 black cats and Siamese by Alldays have all been ‘done’ and Monique and I look after them.

The Siamese has had a very thin metal stick (toothpick size) in her head for days and finally this morning I caught her by the scruff of the neck and managed to pull it out – quite embedded but as I had been unable to get her to Begonia – who advised me to pull it out as soon as possible – I was determined that the job was going to be done – she didn’t fight or meeow and now she should be much more comfortable.She certainly didn’t stop for breakfast and shot off at a rate of knots!!! Monique has antibiotics if there is a problem with her.

I would also like to say that Begonia – our local Vet – has been really wonderful with all the stray cats we have taken to her over the last few months, she spends endless time examining them and giving us lots of advice and Sandra and I, and Jean and George can’t thank her enough for her time and expertise, she is a Vet in a million.

Another 10 cats are going to Germany next Friday, and Sandra,Mary and I have the lovely job of collecting all the fostered kittens in Almerimar at 5 am and delivering them to Casa de los Gatos where they will be put in special carrying cases, sedated, and Gisela will then deliver them to Josh of the Dog Sanctuary by 7.30 am and then they will be on their way to new homes in Germany.Although Gisela will not be able to do this in the New Year, we hope to be able to carry on and find homes for yet more cats in Germany.

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