22/11/12: Champers is almost 8kg of beautiful tomcat! He found Jenny’s garden some weeks ago and at first seemed nervous and semi-feral even though he was wearing a collar. Slowly he became more confident and showed his tame side. He is now very trusting and Jenny can stroke him and pick him up easily. His collar has long since disappeared and as he come twice a day for big meals, we believe him to be definitely abandoned. In fact he is a big softie and has recently been quite badly bitten, we think by Jenny’s resident garden tomcat called Sam. On the plus side, Champers has recovered well, and as he already has a trial home waiting for him in Germany, he won’t need to defend himself for much longer. He IS a very handsome boy, and I think his slightly crossed eyes add to his charm. I was planning to take more photos of him but it seems these are not necessary. The ones we have have already done the trick. Champers will be off to his new life in Germany on the 08.12 transport. Good for him!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.


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