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02/06/11: Fantastic news and new photos of Clarence (now Sanchez) from Germany today.

“I just wanted to again tell you how our adopted child is. Sanchez has settled in fine, a lot of agitation in the open has got the winter fat off and he is completely healthy and well. However, he is really quite a teenager and has his own characteristics. He likes bread and regularly comes home with mud feet total. I already see him standing in a puddle. Not so very feline. We suspect that he is considerably younger than the assumed 6 years. Our female cat, he still gets her cross at time, but they arrange themselves and we are creating retreats.”

She may well be right that he is younger than 6. It is hard to tell exactly with older cats, and poor Clarence was definitely not looking his best when rescued. It seems that 6 months of love, security, outdoor pursuits and good food have completely restored this lovely boy’s youth!

A Happy, Fit Clarence

A Happy, Fit Clarence

29/12/10:Latest news of Clarence is that he is now called Sanchez (funny more Spanish!) and seems to love his new friends. We have new photos!

Clarence & Friend

Clarence & Friend

09/11/10:Clarence flew to his new home in Munich on Thursday November 4th, and from these new photos it is very clear that Clarence was never supposed to be a street cat!

His new Mum reports that he is ‘enjoying the rest’ and is very well, eating and sleeping a lot. Her older cat Bibi is not quite sure about him yet, but all is peaceful and she thinks they will be friends soon.

Anyway who has met him or helped him in any way will be VERY pleased to see such a happy ending to his 2 years as an abandoned cat. Great for Clarence!

Happy Clarence Cat

Happy Clarence Cat

Happy Clarence Cat

Happy Clarence Cat

Happy Clarence Cat

23/10/10: I am really happy to be able to tell Sam of PAWs cats today, that character cat Clarence has his forever home, in Munich together with a beautiful 3-coloured cat.

For me Clarence has become a special cat, even though I have never met him. There is something about this lovely boy, and his not so lovely story that made me love him, and it has certainly worked in Germany too, as he has found a home very quickly! Below is his sad tale from Sam, based on what she has found out about this abandoned boy, and from meeting him. He seems to have survived through his charm, luck and the kindness of strangers.

“He came to Mojacar Bella (urb.) when he was a kitten, approx. 5-6 years ago and lived there happily with his owners and another cat until they had to go back to the UK about 2 years ago when they sadly left him behind. Interestingly and typical of how shallow people are I guess, they took the other “more attractive” cat with them (quote one neighbour).

Since then, he has been looked after by various people who felt sorry for him and most recently a French lady took him on until she had to return unexpectedly to France due to ill health early in 2010.

PAWS were first made aware of his plight in May of this year when a flat owner who comes and goes found him literally starving and in a truly dreadful state. She was at her flat for a month and fed him up and treated his wounds and when she was going back to England, she felt it was so unfair to leave him to fend for himself again & so she contacted Ruth and it is since then that I’ve been feeding him. During his two years of being “home alone”, he hasn’t always been treated well by everyone and some property owners have resented him being there.

In character, he seems to have the instinct to know when someone is a friend; the first time I went to meet the lady who called us about him, I found him waiting patiently outside her front door and he ran straight up for a stroke and tickle-tum as if we were old friends. However, I have heard him growl at some people so maybe they’ve not been so nice to him and he remembers. I have never actually picked him up but he accepts quite vigorous strokes and will jump up onto laps without invitation, and even put his paws around my neck for a cuddle!

I am sure that despite having had his independence for the last couple of years, he is desperate for affection and would fit in well to a home environment again. Most recently he has managed to charm some temporary residents, who have been happy to feed him on their porch and have welcomed him in their garden.”

Clarence is now about 6 years old, so another winter fending for himself, and fending off the more feral strays who have repeatedly attacked this more gentle animal, would not have been good for him. It is great news that he will fly to a much more comfortable life on November 4th, and get all the love and care that this charming cat thoroughly deserves.

I will be there to see him on his way, and cannot wait to meet him!!!

Charmer Clarence

Charmer Clarence

Charmer Clarence

Charmer Clarence

5 thoughts on “Character Cat Clarence

  1. Wendy Kilroe

    I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see Clarence, at long last,
    looking happy and relaxed. I met him – when he didn’t even have a name – back in May this year whilst staying with a friend in her apartment at Mojacar Bella. He was very underweight, very hungry and desperately in need of a home. Even so, he was so affectionate and when he climbed onto my lap for a cuddle, I just fell in love with him. A couple of days before returning home, realising he was abandoned, we started feeding him and he always spent time rubbing round our legs before diving into his food as though he was saying ‘thanks’. A puss with perfect manners.
    Ever since then I have had constant updates from Sam of PAWS and have hoped for a happy ending such as this.
    I know that he will give his new owners a lot of love and laughs.
    Well done Clarence and here’s to a long and happy life.

  2. Sands Post author

    Thankyou for helping him. I only met him briefly when he was just about to fly to Germany, but when Sam told me his story, I was determined to find him a home. I care about all the strays that we help, but there is definitely something about Clarence!

  3. pauline wright

    Hi,what a lovely boy.He sat in his cage next to me in our car on his journey to airport.I kept talking and could only put fingers in cage but he was so responsive to me.When we arrived at airport he was fine looking all around.It was very emotional as he was beautiful I know he will make his new owners very happy he certainly looks it.I do hope we can find lots more homes for these abandoned cats.much love to all.pauline.

  4. Sands Post author

    Sam from PAWs who helped Clarence, sent me this lovely email:

    “Wow, what a loving boy and Sanchez is a very distinguished name – as you say, strange choice from a German family but very appropriate.

    Am really pleased to see him sharing his food with his sister too, as this was my one doubt about him settling in completely but, just goes to show, he so wanted a proper home and to be loved 24/7 that he’s prepared to adapt ~ what a guy!

    One of the ladies who originally helped him is in Mojacar at the moment and is coming up for a drink with us tomorrow, so I can’t wait to show her these new pics ~ perfect timing.”

  5. pauline Wright

    Hi how wonderful Sanchez looks and what a size.So happy for him and his new family.Long may all these new homes for our pussy cats continue.Paulinexxx

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