Charlie The Character Cat

I last heard from Charlie about 18 months ago, not long after he had settled into his new home.

It was clear when we rescued him from the port and fostered him here that he was a big personality, and it seems nothing has changed. I had a soft spot for this lovely boy from the start, AND our own Oscar has the same body shape and little black area on his chin, so I have wondered if Charlie could actually be his Dad!

Anyway it was great to get xmas greetings from Charlie this year. The other news is that his family are about to move to a new, bigger apartment where Charlie and his friends will be able to go outside. Life is about to get even better!!!

Enjoy the card. Charlie is the mainly white cat with attitude, top left!

Charlie & Friends

1 thought on “Charlie The Character Cat

  1. Pam Roberts

    Hi Sandra, I thinkyou have had a very successful year regarding the number of cats rehomed in Germany – just how many lucky cats have found new homes thanks to your efforts. If you receive any pics of Bono please forward them to me – still have traces of him in my computer room!!!!

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