Chief the horse’s blood soaked the streets of New York

Just recently, New York suffered its latest carriage horse tragedy — a blood-soaked collision involving a horse named Chief. Chief was a brand-new carriage horse, forced to labor with a human carriage strapped to his body for the first time. As he lugged passengers aroud in the high-paced area of Midtown, filled with loud noises, chaotic sights, and strong smells, the overwhelming stimuli startled him. Then, he rammed right into the back of a car — leaving blood splattered all over the pavement and on the carriage behind him.

Chief immediately plummted to the ground, though he desperately tried to stand up, legs kicking erratically while he lay on the asphault. He eventually fell unconscious before later rousing and painfully rising to his feet again. Authorities announced that Chief had sustained injuries to his head, right front leg, and his midsection, and that’s the last we’ve heard of him. All of this could have been prevented if New York City would have done the right thing and banned carriage horse rides. Chief is not the first animal to have been injured — and even killed — in this way. And unfortunately he will not be the last, unless the city takes action NOW. Tell Mayor Bill de Blasio to ensure horses’ safety by signing legislation to end all horse-drawn carriage rides now!

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