Chiquita is a lovely gentle cat now about 5 years old who traveled to Germany to a new life on the last transport. Her new family loved her immediately and I am very happy that all is fine for her after her horrible time recently. Chiquita had a home but when her owner left Spain for Australia she decided it was ok to leave Chiquita outside in the care of a neighbor, who as it turned out, was not feeding her! When this owner returned for a quick holiday almost a year later she found Chiquita emaciated and sick and asked For help. Victoria from PAWs took her in and in turn asked me for help to find this sweet cat a new home. She is now healthy and well again apart from some scarring to one eye as a result of an infection when she was a kitten. I am sure her new family will never abandon her, and she will now be safe and happy always.

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