Choco & Minstral, Pulgi & Knut

27/10/13: Below are some more great photos of our 4 boys in their lovely home. I LOVE the one of Choco, Pulgi and Knut cuddling together!
26/09/13: The latest FANTASTIC news of Minstral and Choco is that they now have their forever home. Their foster family, AND their 2 cats, love the little boys so much that they cannot bear to be parted from them. AND this wonderful family of handsome boy cats all come from Almeria. Knut and Pulgarcito (Pulgi) traveled to Germany in February having become firm friends at a private rescue home in Almeria. I actually rescued Knut from SOS Pechina when I saw him as a small kitten in the pen with all the adult cats. Both he and Pulgi are just over a year old now, and have welcomed the younger boys into their lives. Knut and Minstral in particular look very close from the lovely photos their Mum Claudia has taken. Enjoy all the photos, including some earlier ones of Pulgi and Knut from Spain, AND a big thank you to Claudia and her family for loving all these wonderful boys and giving them such a lovely home.

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13/07/13: Arrived safely today in their foster home in Germany.
09/07/13: These are 2 more VERY beautiful kittens from SOS Pechina. They were the unwanted offspring of an owned cat and ended up in the big cattery pen with all the adult cats. When I visited Pechina a couple of weeks ago, this loveable pair were VERY quick to come rushing up to ask for my help. They are recovering well from slight colds and will be off to a foster home in Germany in the next few days. I am sure they will have their forever home very quickly because they are completely adorable, affectionate fun-loving little cats. Minstral was a little shy for the first few days but I think that was just a reaction to their bad experienced. Now he is as quick as Choco to come rushing over for play and cuddles.

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