Clarification: When Use A Certified & Licensed Pet Transporter

Since I wrote in June that I was hanging up the van keys for all but existing ‘partners’ and to help in SOS situations, I have been contacted more than ever before asking for help: either with a transport, or to clarify when a certified and licensed pet transporter needs to be used.

I will continue to help all I can with SOS transports, but I must stress that my time is limited, and many of the situations that have resulted in the need for help could have been avoided with some research into who can and can’t transport your pet or rescue animal.

Which brings me to the second point, which has also highlighted on eof the contributing factors to the first point.

IF the cat or dog is registered to you you and is travelling with you because the reason for the travel is a change in your circumstances e.g. moving house, going on holiday then you can take your pet with you in your vehicle.

IF you are asking someone else to transport your pet then you must use a certified and licensed pet transporter. You CAN NOT ask a friend to do it, or any other person. This is an area that DEFRA/APHA have been very clear on and at Calais Pet Passport my perception is that more and more people are being told they can not cross with an animal as it does not belong to them and they are not a certified and licensed pet transporter.

A rescue animal being transported under TRACES can only be issued with a TRACES certificate if it is travelling with a certified and licensed pet transporter at all times. I have added this last bit because an increasing number of pet transporters have been contacting me to help bring 20 animals across on the Shuttle for them (which is fine so long as the TRACES system has my details registered against the animal), and when I have been unable to help they have talked about getting a mate to higher a van and come across and help:

  1. Let me clear that I am not aware that this is being done, but it is being suggested.
  2. I will also clarify that when asked this my response is that it is not allowed, you would be risking the welfare of the animal, and don’t under estimate how aware APHA/DEFRA are of what transporters do.

Just thought I would pass this on and at least now when I get asked I can just point people to this post.

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