Commercial Pet Transport From Spain With Irish Ferries

ALStrays, trading through Marshall Innovations Limited, are delighted to working with Irish Ferries as a Spanish Agent as they expand their pet and commercial transporter operation throughout Spain.

The move into pet and commercial transport is a new one for Irish Ferries and needless to say that we are delighted to be working with them in expanding, and improving, the options for pet transporters based in and operating out of Spain.

With a scheduled 10 crossings every 24 hours on the Calais – Dover route, a dedicated loading lane at Calais, and no limit as to the number of vans that can travel per crossing, this is a very attractive alternative for pet transporters. In addition, when transporting animals if you arrive early for your scheduled departure you will be prioritised for the next available departure to minimise the time the animals spend in transit.

We will endeavour to work with transporters based in or operating out of Spain wishing to sign up with Irish Ferries. We will coordinate both the application process and the booking process, simplify the approval process and work with those transporters that sign up through us to ensure the smooth transport of the animals transported under the current Irish Ferries Guidelines of 25 animals maximum for account holders, as of November 1st 2022.

Any Spanish based pet transporter who wishes to use Irish Ferries can contact Irish Ferries directly, or if they wish ourselves.

We are also able to help those that sign up through us with their UK Van Certification.

Sign Up

We will require copies of your Van Certification Certificates (UK) and your UK Type 2 Licence.

The Cost

Irish Ferries operate a fixed price for all sailings on the Dover Calais route of £95 per van each way with an additional charge of £15 per animal. These prices will increase to £100 per van, each way and £20 per animal in January 2023.

There is an additional fuel surcharge of £24.70 per van *

*unfortunately this is liable to increase during these uncertain times so please ensure you check the latest cost with us before booking.

**please note that we will add our agreed per animal cost to the above for our services. We have a range of options including a per animal fee for infrequent users of the service (which reduces based on the number of animals being transported) through to a per booking fee for regular transporters with an ‘agreed’ profile of scheduled trips and animal numbers. We will discuss the options with you and agree the appropriate one.

*** a benefit of booking through us is that we will try and optimises the transport numbers so if you need to take more than 5 pets per driver then we will look to find space on other transports for additional pets, or we may be able to arrange a foot passenger to meet you in Calais and sit in with you.

Booking Process

We will register a copy of your Van Certificate and Type 2 Certificate with Irish Ferries so you will not need to send that each time.

You will need to email us the following details for both outbound and inbound crossings:




Vehicle Type:

Length of Vehicle in Metres:

Vehicle Reg:

Number of Animals/Empty:

Number of Drivers/Passengers:

Customer Ref (if applicable):

Contact Phone number for payment:

We will then make the booking and payment on your behalf.

We will invoice you for the booking (you will receive the email booking confirmation which includes the price as well) and for the agreed fee we charge.

You will need to download this sticker and display it in each van so they will direct you through the dedicated pet loading lane.

You will need to comply with and be responsible for all paperwork related to the transport of the animals into the UK.


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