21/10/12: Concha is another Almeria street cat, found with her kittens near Montse’s home. I met her and took photos of her earlier in the summer, and she finally got her chance of a proper home in time for the last transport 13.10. She will be a spoilt only cat but this is fine for Concha as she is a quiet lady and was not very interested in playing with the other cats at Montse’s. Latest news from Germany is that she is settling in well and learning to trust her new family. I am happy for her and look forward to some new photos soon.

“Things are going well. When we got her to our flat she decided to live under the sofa for the rest of the afternoon. We left some food and water nearby so she would sometimes leave her safe spot to get something to eat. By the evening we got onto the floor for a get-to-know-us session which went well. A little brushing, a little catnip! She picked up a cold during her transfer so her nose is a little congested but it’s getting better day by day. She doesn’t go under the sofa much anymore, but still spends time in her carrier, which we leave in the living room with the door off. Most of the time, though, she’s laying on top of the sofa or sleeping with us in our bed. The level of trust is already quite high and she let us trim her front nails with a minimum of fuss. Finally she chased around a toy mouse for the first time today. So I would say she’s settling in well. We haven’t tested her on the balcony yet, but she hasn’t shown any interest so far.”

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