Congrats To Dawn

I hear that Dawns response on behalf of the ‘lassies’ was the stand out speech at last nights Burns Super in Almerimar …… way to go Dawn for showing them the way!!!!

Is there no end to tge abilities of this ‘team’?. I think a ‘well done’ is due to Mary as well for a little coaching along the way?

5 thoughts on “Congrats To Dawn

  1. Pam Roberts

    Well done, heard that you were the star of the night – please bring a copy of your speech to the Cat Ladies Coffee Meeting as I would love to read it or better still you can read it out to us and explain any of the difficult Scottish words!!!!!

  2. Chris

    If Dawn wants to take the speech and read it Sands can record it and I will put it up on the AL site as a podcast if you want?

  3. Mary

    I’m not sure I had too much to do with it – Dawn already had a good idea of where she was going but I would love to hear the final result. Glad it went well Dawn!

  4. Chris

    Well let me know if you want to borrow the equipment to do a recording, or if Dawn prefers she can come up here and do it …… which would be much better quality.

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