Cookie Has A Home


Cute Cookie

Great news from Germany yesterday; Little Cookie already has a ‘forever home’! This is a very sweet term that I picked up from my Twitter ‘anipals’, and means a loving, happy home for life!

I’m really pleased that this has happened for Cookie so fast as, for a number of reasons, he had 4 foster homes here in Almerimar which must have been unsettling for the little chap. Now he has a great new family, and a lovely Mum who actually help out the girls in Germany, AND he has 3 new animal pals, which for a boy who loves to play is great news.

Below are the emails from Martina in Germany, and more of the photos I took of him at Dawn’s just before he travelled.

Another happy ending for Almerimar Strays. Well done again to all of us who helped him!

“Cookie has a home ! yesterday i made the contract for him…he is cat no. 4 at a lovely friend of mine, with susi ( 3 years ) hansi ( from us too, 2 years 9 months) and bonny ( not yours ) 8 months…so he will have a lots of fun and his new parents are sooo lovely, they help us, when they can…”

“Cookie is named now toni and his new mum wrote me already ! he went directly out of his box, was drinking , eating and using the toilet…under the totaly surprised eyes of 3 other cats…they could not believe, what they see !! went to the first: kiss…to the second: kiss…and so one…they where SO upset, that they forgot to fight !!! he visited the whole house and in the evening he was sleeping on her chest on the couch…;o))) she is totally happy and i´m sure: he too ! :o)
all is fine :o)”


Cute Cookie


Cute Cookie


Cute Cookie


Cute Cookie

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  1. gara

    What a lovely story! In these times, such good news for a little cat is great to read. He is certainly a beautiful boy!!

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