21/09/13: Copito is on his way now to a lovely foster home in Germany, where he will meet another Spanish cat, the very handsomeNeko from Almeria.
02/09/13: This very handsome boy of close to 5 months is more of a local cat. He was found in Berja by an American family on holiday here, and fortunately they knew to contact me before they flew home. He is a strong very sporty kitten but is also happy to have a cuddle. He is currently enjoying playing with Tundra, Serga and Savana, but as he is a little too strong for them, I prefer he has a male friend in his forever home. I think he is going to be a big boy as he is heavy and well covered for a Spanish cat. I know that he is going to be a charmer with his stunning blue eyes. He is a very cute boy with a certain amount of attitude. Definitely a little character!

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