Cops shot this tiger after a human broke the law

Eko the Endangered Tiger Paid the Ultimate Price for One Man’s Foolish Decision

Fewer than 300 endangered Malayan tigers remain on the entire planet. One of them was a rare young tiger named Eko. For two years, he lived in captivity at the Naples Zoo in Florida, becoming one of its star attractions. Then, at the age of 8 years old, he was shot and killed because a human waited until after hours, broke into a Restricted Area of the zoo, scaled a fence, and stuck his arm into Eko’s enclosure.

Not knowing what was going on, Eko did what many other captive animals in his situation might have done: he assumed he was being handed a toy or a treat. So he opened his mouth. And latched onto the man’s arm. When the police arrived to handle the situation, there was a price to pay. And Eko the tiger paid it — with his life. A human did something wrong. But the animal was punished, and now the world is one endangered tiger poorer.

This would never have happened if wild animals like Eko weren’t caged in captivity. Clearly the Naples Zoo does not have enough security measures in place to take care of its animals if an incident like this was allowed to occur. Tell the Naples Zoo to send the rest of its endangered animals to sanctuaries where they can be safe!

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