Cows trample each other, starve, and suffer from heat stroke on these grueling journeys

Exporting Live Cows Is Pure Torture. Brazil Just Banned It.

Now It’s Australia’s Turn.

In an amazing victory for animal welfare, Brazil is banning live cow exports for good. This is a huge win because research shows that cows and other animals suffer immensely during international travel. 

Many of these poor animals are denied food and water, causing extreme thirst and hunger. Sweltering heat or bitter cold grip the cows as they struggle to stay alive in unregulated temperatures during the extreme weather months. But these cows’ comfort couldn’t matter less to those who pack them to the point of nearly suffocating or trampling one another to death.

Now that we know governments have the power to ban this horrific practice, it’s time to turn our attention to another country that exports hundreds of thousands of cows every year — Australia. Sign now to demand Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese make a strong commitment to animal welfare by banning exports of live cows!

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