Credit Crunch Cats?

We’re having a few problems on Callé Alcor where Pam has been feeding stray cats for several years. I joined in there when i adopted the mother of 4 kittens but that is another story. All has been pretty settled for most of the year with our beautiful siamese Monty (now nearly 2), 2 of my Saidi’s kittens still remaining (the other boys have wandered off), and Big Daddy (the father of many) occasionally dropping in.

However recently things have got a little more hectic. About 6 weeks ago I rescued a lovely little, mainly siamese kitten that appeared out of nowhere, presumably dumped somewhere, and in the last couple of weeks a lovely female tabby and a very large male tabby have both joined the party.

We get daily visits from big ginger Mookie, but he belongs to Muriel across the road and is just dropping in to check out our food and have an extra snack (he IS getting a little fat!), but the new Tomcat is causing a big problem as he is trying to ‘guard’ the food and chase the others off.

We are also getting worried about whether the female tabby might be pregnant. At what stage do you decide a cat is abandoned and take action to prevent more unwanted kittens? AND more to the point where are all these extra cats suddenly coming from?

Is this as has been suggested by someone today, another sign of the credit crunch, that people are abandoning their animals, or is that just an over-used excuse? How much does it cost to feed a cat in particular after all?

Anyway the siamese kitten was definitely lost or abandoned and on the basis that the female tabby was out in the pouring rain yesterday and was waiting for food I’m assuming that she is also now homeless, particularly as she has been repeatedly chased off by bully tomcat and keeps coming back. As for the bully himself, the jury is out, but it is hard to be too tough on him as he is actually very friendly, as as Chris pointed out, if he has been recently dumped he is going to be quite stressed about and territorial towards any food supply.

SO I wonder how many more animals are out there who have recently been made homeless, and whether their owners, whilst deciding not to look after their vulnerable animals, are still managing to go out for a beer! AND on that point let’s not put all the blame as is usual on the ‘non animal-loving’ Spanish, as our most recent rescue kitten was left in a rental property when her English owner moved away.

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  1. Chris

    Doubt it has anything to do with the credit crunch!!! Cats always have and always will be dumped by the Saniards, and those strays will always fine their way to where the food is. That is the ‘problem’ you are creating by feeding them in the street.

    That said you have to get them to one central point in order to catch them, so I would say it is a good thing they are there as at least you know about them.

    As for the potentially pregnant tabby surely that is easy? Catch it and see if it is chipped. If it is tell the owner you have it, if it isn’t spay it.

    Indecision and pontification will cost you dearly in this game!!!!

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