15/10/12: Yesterday I went to visit Cressida, now called Sida, as a shorter version of her name. She will go back to vet Miguel later this week but for now she seems better. She is still very quiet but she chased a fly while I was there and rolled on her back in the sun. I think this lovely older lady has had a horrible time, but she is now being very well cared for and her life has improved so much over the last few days. I do not understand how anyone could leave a gentle older animal at a protectora, but the important thing is that we give this beautiful cat back the life she deserves. Thankyou again to Jayne and Mike for giving her a temporary home. Enjoy her new, better photos.

13/10/12: News today is better. Jayne and Mike have been managing to Cressida’s antibiotics down her and she seems to be feeling better and is eating, and moving around more.
11/10/12: My vet Miguel confirmed what I feared yesterday. Cressida has an infection in her castration wound, which is why she is not eating. We now have the difficult task of getting antibiotics down a rather resistent patient, while tempting her to eat, as her blood tests already show signs of malnutrition. Cressida will not now be traveling on Saturday. On a better note, she does seem to be relaxing now she has freedom at Jayne and Mike.

09/10/12: Cressida is another lovely cat handed into SOS Pechina by her previous owners. A big thankyou to Jayne for fostering her for this week. She was becoming very thin and distressed in her small cage at the protectora. Cressida will also be off to a foster home in Germany this weekend, and I am sure that Kerstin will find this lovely older lady her forever home soon.

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