Crystal, Rowley & Siblings

24/03/13: VERY sad news also came on Friday about Petra. At just 1 year old, she has also had to be put to sleep because of FIP. She is the 3rd cat in the last few weeks to be diagnosed with this normally untreatable illness. FIP is a mutation of the corona virus, and affects a small percentage of unlucky cats. Stress can be a factor in causing this bad mutation of what is quite a common virus. Jasper is very sad and will need a new friend, but first we must wait to check that he remains healthy. I am sorry for his adoptant too. It is a horrible decision to have to make for such a beautiful young cat.

19/02/13: Jasper and Petra also travelled on the January transport to their new family in Germany, and from the first both were ‘brilliant cats’, friendly and lovely. I now have some photos of them in their new home. See the latest gallery below.
15/01/13: Now I have the first photos of Rory from Germany. He is with foster Mum Agne until Saturday when his family will collect him, and is looking VERY relaxed. Check out the new gallery below.
01/01/13: Today I received the first photos of 2013. These are are Rowley (now Odin) and Miya now Lea) in their new home. They make a beautiful, cute couple!
30/12/12: The very latest news is that Crystal, Rowley, Tia and Miya all now have families in Germany, AND it is time to introduce the last 3 kittens from this beautiful litter. Jasper and Petra have the same beautiful long fir as their siblings, while brother Rory has semi-long fur and gorgeous markings. Already there is interest in Germany. I am waiting for more news, AND after these beautiful cats there is a younger litter waiting to be re-homed as well! Mother IS now sterilised which is good news as, although she and her boyfriend are producing wonderful kittens, we don’t need an endless supply!!!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

09/12/12: Latest news of this beautiful litter is that Rowley is also now reserved and 2 more of his lovely sisters are also on the transport this weekend, one of whom already has an adoptant. enjoy the photos of Tia and Miya. They are almost identical!
17/11/12: Latest news is that Rowley now has a foster home in Germany so will travel with his sister 08.12.
16/11/12: Crystal and Rowley are 2 beautiful young siblings now about 8 months old. They were born to an owned cat, whose mother kept the whole litter. She is now returning to the UK to live and has asked Matt to re-homes these 2. Great news is that Crystal already has a forever home in Germany waiting for her, and I have a feeling Rowley won’t have to wait too long for his!

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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