Cute Hanna

29/01/14: Almost 10 days ago Hanna FINALLY was able to leave SOS Pechina, because she had her forever home. I am so happy for this little lady because she never seemed completely relaxed with so many other cats at the rescue. She spent her last few days in Spain here with me, and it was lovely to get to know this little character better. Unfortunately she still didn’t get quite as many cuddles as she wanted, because the very friendly Tamara was sharing my spare bedroom with Hanna, and always seems to get to my lap first! Hanna did however get full use out of the comfy areas of the 2 cats trees, including my cat Mori’s favourite platform with a view out into the street! She is now cuddling and cuddling in her new home in Germany, where she arrived on Sunday morning. Happy life sweetheart. All is fine now!

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31/08/13: This very cute little (3 year old) lady has a lovely round face more like an English (or German) cat. She is so sweet and very happy to have strokes and tummy tickles. I first saw her at Pechina about 3 weeks ago, and when I met her again this week she had found a quiet hiding place in the cat toilet room which seemed a little sad. Unfortunately most of the cats really don’t like being in the big cattery pen with so many other cats and look for secure spaces of their own. Hanna like nearly all of the cats at Pechina I believe came from a family. The records there are not great but I understand most are taken to Pechina by owners who no longer want them. This is SO sad, and I hope for Hanna that someone falls for this little girl very soon and give her the loving secure home she so needs, and this time forever!

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