DEFRA EU Exit – Continued Use of TRACES

Received this email from DEFRA which I think will put a lot of people’s minds at rest …. at least for now!

Remember we are on a break from transports, but will start again in July and will post the schedule for 2019/20 in May.

As you will be aware the UK Government and the European Union have reached an agreement on a six month extension to Article 50. During this time we will remain as a member of the EU, and the Government is confident it can deliver a deal within this period. Therefore the UK will continue to use TRACES and you should continue to raise import notifications in the way you do currently. 

What this means for importers:

Imports of live animals, germinal products, Products of Animal Origin from EU Member States where safeguard measures are in place and animal by products from the EU:

EU exporters and Official Vets will continue to raise the appropriate certification via TRACES (e.g. ITAHCS, DOCOMs). Notification to the competent authorities will still be a requirement. For notifications overseen by APHA, the UK importer will need to notify using the IV66 notification form (please note a Unique Notification Number (UNN) will not be issued).

If you have already notified APHA and have received a UNN, there is no requirement for this to be quoted on the ITAHC or DOCOM.For notification of consignments which are overseen by DAERA and Fish Health Inspectorate please see their websites for further information.  

Imports of other types of Products of Animal Origin, High-Risk Food and Feed Not of Animal Origin from the EU do not currently need to be notified on TRACES and this remains the same during the extension period.

 Imports from third countries:

Continue to use TRACES as you currently do, including all consignments arriving after 12 April. You should not use IPAFFS for any consignments arriving after 12 April, and if you have already raised a notification for these via IPAFFS, you will need to raise a notification via TRACES.

IPAFFS remains the long term solution and the logins that you are currently using will be required in the future.

Please do store these in a safe place until such a time that you need to use them again. You should also ensure that your organisation has sufficient administrator account roles on IPAFFS, in the event that there are any resource or role changes in your organisation.You can continue to use IPAFFS for testing and training, but the notifications will not be valid. We will continue to enhance the system, so if you have any comments or feedback on IPAFFS, please let the APHA Service Desk know. 

If your import originates from third countries but travels via the EU to the UK:

Your consignment will continue to travel as it does today. If checks are required on entry to the EU these will continue and will be documented on TRACES. Once these checks have been completed, the consignment will be free to move to the UK as it does today.

As above, notification to the competent authorities will still be a requirement for live animals, germinal products and animal by products. For notifications overseen by APHA, the UK importer will need to notify using the IV66 notification form (a UNN will not be issued). Any further guidance or information on how you should prepare for EU Exit will continue to be communicated to you, including the preparation required for a No Deal scenario. Please do keep checking GOV.UK for updates.

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