Demand Justice for Dog Left To Starve to Death

A woman in Bristol left her 5-year-old boxer, Roxy, trapped in her kitchen with no food or water for more than a week — until the dog finally slipped into a coma and died.

In Bristol, a woman abandoned her 5-year-old boxer named Roxy in her kitchen without food or water while she went to stay with her mother, leaving the dog to starve to death over the course of a week. She is now facing criminal sentencing.

The details of Roxy’s death are so horrifying that the RSPCA described it as “one of the worst it had ever dealt with,” so please read on with caution. Roxy’s owner, Katy Gammon, left the dog in her kitchen without access to any food or water. Gammon then dislocated her knee, which she said made it impossible to return to the house. Though Gammon claimed that her ex-boyfriend was feeding Roxy, in reality, she had tied the handle of the kitchen door to the one in the hallway so that no one could enter.

Left alone, confused and terrified, Roxy clawed at the door of the kitchen, leaving fragments on the floor, as she tried to escape. Eventually, Roxy collapsed in agony, went into a coma and died.

When Gammon finally returned to the house, she said the smell through th e letterbox was so strong that she just turned around and left again for another nine weeks. She was eventually found out when a neighbour reported seeing swarms of flies through the kitchen window. The RSPCA inspector who was callled to the scene had to scrape Roxy’s remains off the floor with a shovel.

Gammon is now being prosecuted by the RSPCA, but she has not yet been sentenced. Please sign the petition to ask the Magistrate to give her the maximum punishment for this horrific abuse!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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