Demand justice for the puppy whose owner broke its leg!

Another truly awful human being needs bringing to justice! He Threw His Puppy and Now Vets Have to Amputate Its Leg. Demand Justice for Chowder the Dog!

Everyone who gets a puppy knows they need to be trained at first. Chowder the golden retriever was no different. At just 14 weeks old, he needed some training to learn where to pee and poop — but his owner wasn’t willing to be patient and loving during this process. Instead, when little Chowder had an accident inside the house, witnesses said his owner threw the puppy — breaking his leg. Luckily, someone called the authorities and now Chowder has been rescued. Unfortunately though, the wound became so bad, his leg may need to be amputated.

After officials rescued Chowder, police then arrested his former owner on animal cruelty charges. One thing’s for sure: this man should never own or live with animals ever again. If he’s willing to abuse a puppy to the point of breaking its little legs, where will he draw the line? He’s harmed an animal once, which means he can certainly do it again. On top of that, people who perpetrate animal cruelty often escalate to committing violent acts against other people — so they need to be stopped in their tracks quickly. We must keep all animals safe from violent humans. Sign the petition to demand that Chowder’s former owner be banned from owning, adopting, or living with pets for life!

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