Denmark to finally ban animal sex because it’s ‘damaging the country’s reputation’

First reaction to the article in the Express? About Time!!!

Second reaction? How come they even thought this was acceptable EVER!

Denmark has vowed to finally ban sex with animals because the practice is “damaging the country’s reputation”.

The country had become a magnet for animal sex tourists in recent years because bestiality is banned almost everywhere else in Europe.

Agriculture minister Dan Jorgensen told Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet: “I have decided that we should ban sex with animals.

“This is because it constitutes an attack on the animal, which naturally cannot consent to sex.

“It is also damaging to our country’s reputation to allow this practice to continue here while it is banned elsewhere.”

A recent opinion poll revealed that 76 percent of Danes support a ban on animal sex.

However, critics have branded the new law unnecessary as existing legislation already protects animals from suffering, pain, distress or lasting harm.

The new law is due to come into effect early next year, the newspaper reported.

Bestiality has been illegal in England since 1290 under the reign of Edward I.

However, many European countries including France, Germany, Belgium and Holland have only outlawed the practice in the last ten years.

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