Dexter the dog died of fright

Bonfire Night in the United Kingdom, which occurs on November 5th, is meant to be a celebration, but for many it’s an absolute nightmare. That’s because fireworks are set off with almost no regulation, meaning no predictability. Dogs like Dexter suffer the consequences. 

Dexter was in North Yorkshire this Bonfire Night with his loving family of ten years when the fireworks terror began. The sweet mutt trembled and shook in fear, and fled to the bathroom, desperate for safety and escape. When his owners went in to comfort him, he was dead, most likely sent into cardiac arrest from utter fear. Sign the petition if you want to see an end to the terror!

Dexter’s death is just one of the countless incidents that happen because of the lax regulations around fireworks in the UK, and the demand for them around Bonfire Night. Currently, anyone over 18 can legally purchase the literal explosives and can set them off any time between 7am and 11pm year round, and even later on holidays like Bonfire Night! 

This complete free-for-all means that pet owners have no way to prepare themselves or their beloved companions for a fireworks display. Sign the petition to demand regulation that would allow pet owners and vulnerable humans to prepare for the noise!

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