Dia Del Galgo

Today is World Galgo Day, so please spare a moment to head over to this page to read about their plight, and ways in which you can support increasing the awareness of how these majestic dogs are so harshly treated.

Galgos are mainly used for hunting or coursing hare. During the annual hunting season that runs from October to January, many live in cramped dark sheds when they are not coursing, spending their days confined and neglected. Training techniques are barbaric and include towing Galgos from cars, trucks and motorcycles at high speeds.

Known as Galgueros, hunters dispose of Galgos at the end of hunting season in the most horrific ways imaginable… hung from trees, thrown into wells, starved, beaten to death or abandoned. It is estimated that thousands of Galgos are killed every year.

4 thoughts on “Dia Del Galgo

  1. Chris Marshall

    Chris, I absolutely no idea of the plight of these amazing dogs. I thought they had almost become extinct, as one never hears anything of them in the UK. I know I promised Pete “no more dog rescue” when I get back to Spain, but I must do something to try and help. I started a branch of Greyhound Rescue in Wales 24 years ago and thought that was horrific, the Irish in particular, but this is heartbreaking. Maisie Thomas

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