Dinky Donuts In Da House

Today we have moved Dinky and the Donuts into the Office, NOT because they are going to live with us, but because the weather has turned colder and they now need more space.

Their new abode is the office where we have put a large cat pen for them to use initially. If Dinky wants to jump out and get some peace she has a bed, cat tree, cat pod, food water and blankets to hand and once the kittens are strong enough we will take the cat pen out and let them roam the Office.

To date she has shown no desire to leave the Donuts. She is timid still, but OK to be picked up and stroked, but she still needs to develop her confidence around us.

Wednesday she will go to the vets for a check up, blood test and start her vaccinations (Donuts too young), and then we will slowly allow our cats and dogs to become aware that we have some visitors.

Food – Water – Cat Tree
Cat Pod – Litter Tray
Dinky & the Donuts have moved into the office for warmth, more space and to start to make our cats and dogs aware they exist.
Having checked the Donuts all safe and sound after the move, Dinky enjoys her second breakfast!
Donut on the move, already making the most of the extra space.

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